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Live a Life Free of  Pain from Trauma


What if you decided to make your life even better,

 because of what you have experienced,

because of the pain you have been through?

What if you could regain control of your life starting right now?

What if you could never suffer like you did again? 

What if you could feel at peace and enjoy being yourself?

If you have scars, what if they were no longer a problem? What if comments and stares became irrelevant?

What if you could have someone you can always rely on, someone who supports you in all situations?


Do you want that?


Because you can have it.

All you need to do is learn how.

This is why I created the KAL™ METHOD.

To recover from trauma in a lasting way and live life to the fullest,

there are three universal requirements that create the KAL™ Method.










KAL™ is a simple but highly effective method that takes the most powerful forces of transformation (KNOWLEDGE, AWARENESS and LOVE) and directs them toward healing and building a new state of being.
The KAL™ Method is a self-produced cycle that, when understood and practiced, has the power to create the healing and freedom you need after suffering from any trauma.
The KAL™ Method helps humans live a life free of unnecessary suffering and enables them to become the best version of themselves to live life to the fullest




Here are all the benefits you get from coaching with me



  • Regaining control of one's life
  • Increased self-confidence and energy
  • New appreciation of life
  • Reduced doubts and fears
  • New sense of inner strength 
  • New sense of calm
  • Reduced anxiety 
  • Better relationships
  • Feeling deeper connections
  • Relief from inner criticism
  • End of guilt, shame, and self-punishment
  • End of regrets
  • More confidence and clarity 
  • Greater self-control
  • Dissipation of hypersensitivity
  • Development of meaning/purpose
  • Resilience 





What it's like to work with me


I've Got You


You have all the individual attention and tools you need.

You have compassionate and direct guidance.

Over 3 to 6 months, we work together to free you from pain and trauma.

We rebuild your confidence, and equip and train you to create a life you love.


Here is how you can expect to feel 





  • You have developed new skills you didn't know existed.

  • You know you will never fall apart again. You are now equipped to face whatever life presents to you.

  • You feel a new sense of connection with others and with yourself. You are no longer, and will never be, "alone."

  • Fear and anxiety no longer have a place in your life.

  • You accept and love yourself.




  • The weight of pain has vanished.

  • You haven't forgotten, but you no longer suffer. Joy can be fully experienced without painful thoughts and sadness casting their veil over it.

  • You enjoy a newfound sense of freedom and joy that you thought you would never experience again, or perhaps never experienced before.

  • Life can finally be beautiful.

  • You finally feel at peace with yourself and your past.




  • You never were the problem.

  • You were missing the keys that you now have. Your perspective on the world is gentler.

  • In the face of the suffering that exists in the world, you are neither angry nor defeated; you are at peace.

  • You have gathered the missing pieces of the puzzle, and you understand what your new purpose is.

  • Everything has gained meaning.

  • Because everything has a purpose.


Are you coming?



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This free guide about the KAL™ Method contains valuable information that can help you right now.

You are welcome to download it. 



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"Stephanie Romeo has crystalized the very essence of burn scar acceptance and recovery into just 28 pages which can, and WILL change your life if you choose to read and follow her teachings!  "

Delwyn BRESLAU, Founder of the Burn Support Group Charitable Trust in New Zealand, and supporter of burn survivors worldwide.


You are welcome to download this free guide. 



Your e-mail won't be shared.

More Info about the Guide