Can you imagine being even more fulfilled than you were before?

 Whether your physical scars are visible or not, they don't have to run your life.

They don't have to determine how fulfilled you can be, or  how much confidence and joy you can have. 

Happiness, freedom, love, and connection are within your reach.

As  a professional certified life coach, I help you create the life you want to live.

I teach you how to coach yourself, feel confident, and take action.

 All you need, you already have it.

All you need is  your brain, and know how to use it.

The brain is the most powerful tool on the planet.

What you do, what you create in your life, the results you have are all caused by the thoughts within your mind.

When you learn to manage your mind, new possibilities will open up for you, and you will be amazed at what you can create.

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 3 Secrets to Living a Better Life With Your Scars contains information I wish I had earlier in my journey.


"You'll never see your scars in the same way and know deep down that a new life is possible for you." 


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Featured In Phoenix Society, leading organization for burn survivors


"You'll never see your scars in the same way and know deep down that a new life is possible for you." 



"A Journey of Self-Acceptance"

"Stephanie coached me on my journey of self-acceptance and helped me complete my master's thesis as I was struggling with cancer. She helped me overcome my fear of not being "good enough" and helped me believe in myself while writing. She also helped me accept myself and my body through its transformations. Besides the scars of surgeries, I have permanent partial hair loss. I struggled a lot with that and with what other people thought, especially when I decided to shave my head. Finally, I successfully managed my thesis (got an A!) and proudly shaved my head again. I am very thankful that I found Stephanie as a coach. She was very supportive. She is professional, always very warmhearted, and cheerful. She creates a trustful atmosphere. I can only highly recommend her to anybody who struggles with scars or other body changes, or drastic life-changing experiences."

Sonja, Social worker and Artist - Berlin, Germany.


"An Inspirational Life Coach"
" I was feeling overweight, struggling to parent my 12-year-old daughter, and lacking in self-confidence even though I have a well-respected and highly paid job. I got in touch with Stephanie and my life has changed for the better ever since. I have lost more than a stone in just a few weeks. My relationship with my daughter has improved hugely and I am feeling upbeat, empowered and more positive about life generally. Stephanie is kind, empathetic, non-judgemental and has a lovely gentle manner. The fact that she has overcome such adversity in her own life makes her an even more inspirational life coach. I really cannot recommend her more highly."  
Amanda, Judge - East Sussex, United Kingdom. 


"An Experienced Guide"

A skilled listener, Stephanie's poignant questions guide the conversation straight to the heart of the matter and her ability to see things from an alternative perspective is a breath of fresh air.
I feel there is a window of hope in what has up until now felt like a hopeless situation. I know that I have to do my own work to see things differently but it is fantastic to have such an experienced guide."

Beth Brown, Artist - Berlin, Germany.


"Positive Change"

I can only recommend Stephanie. As a life coach, she is always prepared and brings to the meetings lots of knowledge. She cannot be more enthusiastic about the positive change for you to come, while she is modeling the good life for you in person. She follows her coaching techniques herself, and you can see how it's working out for the benefit of all! I have been listened to, cared about, understood, and then slightly pushed to take the appropriate level of challenge for myself - a challenge not big enough to make me crumble, and not so small that I don't notice the change, but just right.

Hana, Team Manager - Hove, United Kingdom.



"Constructive Ideas"

From my meetings with Stephanie, I have discovered various methods of recognizing and changing thought and behavior patterns. Her open nature has helped me to talk to her about very personal issues easily. I always had a very positive feeling of progress and constructive ideas after our meetings. I especially liked it when she said "The good news is that there is a method to solve it".

Lisa, Teacher - Arnsberg, Germany.


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