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The pain you feel is not about what happened to you,

it’s about what's happening right now.


 Your past experiences or your scars don't have to dictate the level of happiness and freedom you can experience today. 

They don’t have to determine how fulfilled you can be, or how much confidence and joy you can have. 


I  know what it’s like to lose the feeling of control, lose your happiness, and feel trapped in your life by what happened to you.

But I also know it does not have to be that way.

You can have happiness, freedom, love, and connection at any time.

I know this because I was where you are.

And I now know what needs to happen to get to the other side.


I coach you to free yourself from pain and obstacles to your happiness.

I give you everything you need to build a meaningful life where you feel happy again and in command.

The pain you experienced can be transformed. 

You just have to learn how to do it. 

That's what I teach.



Hi, I'm Stephanie,


Certified Life Coach specializing in trauma and creator of the KAL™ method, and author.

In 2015, while eating lunch at a lovely restaurant, I was severely burned by an explosion.

I was sprayed with burning chemicals, and a fireball ignited my clothes.

The physical pain is indescribable. I then suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

I thought I could never be happy again. I thought I was condemned to carry shame and sadness and to remain in a state of incomprehension.

How is it possible to suffer so much?

Why did I have to go through this?

Finally, I discovered coaching. That's what worked for me.

Coaching led me to my healing and to create a method that now helps others do the same.

I am now happy and confident in a way I never thought possible.

This is also possible for you.


What would you do if you were not feeling trapped by what happened in your past? 

I work with clients who are finally ready to move forward. That does not mean forgetting or minimizing what happened.

I will never deny the amount of pain you experienced.

But what if we elimininated the pain you are experiencing right now? 

Because your past just does not have to control your life.

You, alone, control your life.


If you are ready for freedom, I can help.

Click below to start your journey back now. 






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"Stephanie Romeo has crystalized the very essence of burn scar acceptance and recovery into just 28 pages which can, and WILL change your life if you choose to read and follow her teachings! ". 
Delwyn BRESLAU, Founder of the Burn Support Group Charitable Trust in New Zealand, and supporter of burn survivors worldwide.


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