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Stephanie Romeo is a French author, burn survivor, trauma coach, and creator of the KAL™ Method. She worked in operating rooms for 13 years before experiencing a severe burn injury due to an accidental explosion in 2015. This event radically transformed her entire perception of life and set her on a new path of purpose.

Stephanie now dedicates her time to sharing her expertise and coaching individuals who:

  • Want to find peace and meaning after experiencing trauma (accidents, abuse...)
  • Are going through a period of adversity or unwanted changes (divorce, loss...)
  • Seek to better control their emotions (anger, anxiety, stress...).

She helps individuals release emotional pain, regain control of their lives, develop their confidence, and forge strong relationships with themselves and others.

She encourages building resilience and a better life by fostering Knowledge, Awareness and self-Love, the 3 pillars of the KAL™ Method.

Her areas of expertise include understanding the brain's mechanisms, thoughts, and emotions, as well as exploring the causes and implementing solutions. She is proficient in various models such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the Enneagram, Positive Intelligence, Memory Reconsolidation, Altered States of Consciousness, Mindfulness Techniques, and of course, the KAL™ Method.

Passionate about her profession, Stephanie constantly enriches her field of expertise.

She is a dedicated member of associations and foundations for burn survivors. More broadly, she helps humans become more conscious and intentional with their thoughts, contributing to a better world of inclusion, understanding, and love.

She offers online coaching sessions, available in both English and French.

She resides in the south of France and Spain. She has a globetrotting son and enjoys a supportive relationship with her partner. 




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