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Delwyn Breslau Alan Breslau

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What struck me during my meetings with burn survivors, from the United States to New Zealand, was that the same phrases kept recurring.

These phrases were those of a man for whom immense gratitude was expressed.

And with good reason.

Alan Breslau, supported by his wife Delwyn, has impacted the lives of thousands of people affected by burn injuries and image change.

I wanted their legacy to live on and continue to transform lives, by making these phrases available, compiled in a collection and translated into several languages. You can download them for free further down on this page.

Stephanie Romeo

"Those who have been disfigured by burns or other traumas can go on to be happy,
doing things they might never have done or achieved otherwise.
They can live better and more fulfilling lives."
Alan Breslau 1926 - 2020




Alan Breslau Quotes
Alan Breslau Phoenix Society





In 1963, Alan is 37, a chemical engineer, married with three children.

On July 2, 1963, he’s on a business trip aboard a plane carrying some 40 passengers. Just after leaving Rochester, New York, in bad weather, the plane encounters a tornado from which it can’t escape. The plane crashes onto the runway and breaks in two.

The 35 passengers in the rear section are rescued, but Alan is in the front section of the plane, which has overturned. His body is suspended above the flames. The crew and Alan's colleagues perish, while Alan survives but emerges severely burned and disfigured. He loses the top of his head, an eye, an ear, his nose, a thumb, and several fingers. Twice he's declared clinically dead and spends the next five years in the hospital, undergoing over 80 operations in all.

The road to remission seems endless, fraught with setbacks and disappointments.


A picture of Alan, one year after the accident and before the reconstruction of his nose, is available here. 
This image may disturb some viewers.

access the picture
plane crash
Flight 112 Mohawk Airlines, July, 2 1963






Alan has never considered himself a victim.

In 1977, he creates the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a support organization for burn survivors, in reference to the mythological phoenix that rises from its ashes even more resplendent than before.

For the next twenty years, he works tirelessly to expand and strengthen the burn survivor community. He sits on numerous committees and speaks out whenever called upon, at conferences or to meet and support patients.

Today, the Phoenix Society is the largest non-profit burn support organization in the United States.



Alan Breslau
"The person you were will never be there again.
You have to let go of that person and stop looking for that person or trying to be that person because you never can.
 Instead, you are reborn. 
You must look to the future and build a new life."
Alan Breslau






Delwyn Breslau, née Fowler, is born in New Zealand. She makes wedding gowns and she has two sons.

On February 19, 1984, Brendon, her youngest son, who's then 8 years old, is 40 percent burned in an accidental explosion. The ordeal is extremely traumatic for both the child and the mother.

When Brendon leaves the hospital, Delwyn starts offering her support and listening ear to other parents, knowing how important it is to be accompanied through such an ordeal. This is how the Burn Support Charitable Trust is born in New Zealand.





World Burn Congress Phoenix Society
June 1988: first congress of the Phoenix Society
Judy Knighton (Canada), Chantal Noel (France), Delwyn Fowler-Tait (New Zealand), Jennifer Helmich (Australia), Barbara Taylor (Australia) and Alan Breslau.

In 1988, the first congress of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors takes place in Philadelphia, USA. Alan has heard about Delwyn and her numerous actions supporting burned children and their families. He invites her to participate in the congress and share her most inspiring initiatives.

Delwyn declares that she literally fell in love with Alan's mind, as he projected an enthusiastic and confident personality. After five years of back and forth between the United States and New Zealand, phone calls, and many wonderfully written letters exchanged, Delwyn and Alan marry in the United States on March 13, 1993, never to part again.



Delwyn Breslau Alan Breslau
Delwyn Breslau Alan Breslau
Delwyn Breslau Alan Breslau
Delwyn Breslau Alan Breslau
If Alan could say anything to you today, 
he would tell you this:
 “NEVER give up on finding someone to love.
There IS someone out there for you!‚Ä̬†


Delwyn Breslau - 2024




Alan and Delwyn have traveled the world together, bringing hope and support to those who need it most with extraordinary dedication. They have received numerous awards and honors for their invaluable actions and contributions. Their story is a poignant testament to the strength of the human spirit and the ability to transform hardship into opportunities for growth and resilience.

In 2020, Alan passes away at the age of 94. Delwyn still resides in New Zealand, where she continues her work in support of burn survivors.



Delwyn Breslau Alan Breslau


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"If your face deviates from the average, regardless of the cause, remember:
YOU have the power.  
You can give the power to strangers, or you can keep it for yourself!
In a society where physical beauty is prized, keep in mind that high self-esteem will NEVER fade with time."


Alan Breslau


Alan Breslau Quotes


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At the very beginning of my venture, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a wonderful message. Delwyn Breslau herself had written to tell me that what I was sharing on social media aligned with Alan’s philosophy.

Our friendship was born.

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